Best Magnetic Phone Car Mounts

10. Magnetic holder for smartphone holder without stand
Magnetic Phone Car Mount, Baseus Dashboard Magnetic Phone Holder for Car
The Koomus Pro magnetic CD mount is innovative and easy to install. Button to insert it into the CD slot and use it immediately. It is free, fast and convenient one-handed system. The 360 ​​degree mounting bracket is rotatable and can be installed with a protected housing. The sleek, rectangular design is covered with silicone to protect your smartphone from scratches. Mount holders are compatible with all types of smartphones with or without caps.

9. aLLreLi universal magnetic phone holder for cars

This is a universal car mount that can be used on any smartphone. It remains the same regardless of size or model. The 360-degree hinges made of stainless steel provide the most convenient viewing angle to avoid reflecting the light of your phone. When you install a magnet-type vehicle cradle, your smartphone is invisible and perfectly protected, allowing your hand to stay on the wheel. The aLLreLi car mount has a powerful magnet that keeps your smartphone in place without swinging or slipping. Magnetic mounts are safe to the device through hundreds of tests.

8. Magnetic Car Mount Maxboost

Versatile Magnetic Car Mounts Maxboost conveniently and securely attaches your smartphone to the flat surfaces of your car, kitchen, bedroom, or office, so you can enjoy your free hand anywhere. Magnetic mounts are compatible with all types of smartphones with or without covers. The mount is equipped with four powerful magnets to ensure the safety of your smartphone on the mounting surface. The mount is a very thin design that is complemented by soft rubber to provide smooth magnetic adhesion and prevent scratches on your smartphone.

7. Anker Air Vent self-mounted, highly adjustable telephone holder

Universal magnetic car burner Anker uses 3 times of adhesive technology to keep long, stable retention quickly. Can be installed on the flat surface of the dashboard or center console. Anker mounts are universally compatible and can accommodate devices up to 8 inches wide and weigh 11 ounces. You can also push the thin body inward and attach the thick body to the outside. It helps to establish an ideal individual position of the smartphone through highly flexible ball joint rotation.

6. TechMatte MagGrip Dashboard and Windshield Magnetic Universal Car Mount Holder

Automotive Mounts TechMatte MagGrip - a universal locking device for smartphones that can provide virtually any type of smartphone in a dashboard or windshield. Suction cup nozzles can be used to fasten to the windscreen or dashboard. It provides strong absorption and leaves no traces. Car mounts are made of strong, durable plastic and rubber to securely lock the device in place.

5. Universal magnetic holder for securing base to car dashboard

The universal magnetic car mount base is compatible with any phone or GPS and can be installed in any vehicle. Adhesive 3M VHB and heavy-duty magnets provide greater stability in lightweight devices. Universal car mounts provide 360 ​​degree rotation and viewing angles. Easy to install and easy to install.


Magic Mount SCOSCHE MAGDMB is a universal mount for all types of smartphones and GPS devices. When you point the device at the magnetic surface, the device is immediately locked. This is a soft, versatile car mount with high power magnets to ensure the safety of the unit. The high temperature and low temperature design which can withstand extreme temperature is suitable for automobile safety use. This mount can be placed in your car, at home or in the office, so you can enjoy your free hand anywhere.

3. Smart & Easy Magnetic Cell Phone Holder - Ultra-Thin Car Mount

A smart, lightweight, mobile phone holder allows you to continuously monitor everything on your smartphone's screen. Mobile phone holders include active snap technology to keep your device from falling. Make sure that your workforce does not harm your smartphone. Mounting brackets are designed for easy attachment to flat surfaces, so they can be used in the office, at home, or anywhere, not just in a car. Best Magnetic Phone Car Mounts